Learn Arabic Language Online

Learn Arabic Language Online

Learn Arabic Language Online

We are so lucky to be in the 21st century and be equipped with technology and the internet everywhere. Many universities and educational institutes use online education because it provides easy and comfortable methods to acquire knowledge in almost every field. Online learning is one of the greatest revolutions in contemporary education. It made a huge change in the educational system and opened great opportunities for everyone who wants to learn anything.

Like other fields of education, online education has also opened avenues for learning Arabic language.  If you wish to learn Arabic language but you are unable to manage time to attend regular classes or the Arabic language centres are far from your house, then you can fulfill your desire for learning Arabic language, online.

There is a very famous Arabic proverb “He who wants, the prayer will never miss it” which means same as the English proverb: “Where there’s a will there’s a way”. Hence, I believe that if someone really wants to learn Arabic language and master it, s/he can.

There are many different websites which offer free and paid online courses. You can also find some good YouTube channels airing from different Arab countries to teach Arabic language.. All what you need is to just google it and you will get diverse programs from beginners, intermediate to advanced level courses. Another most important thing about online programs is that the fee are always cheaper and more affordable.

I had built a YouTube channel few years back to teach spoken Emirati language course. Although I have limited number of tutorial videos, I have now (April 2017) more than 7,000 subscribers. This number is seven times higher than my students for face-to-face  classes. I’m receiving tons of amazing emails every day from subscribers where I can’t reply anymore to those inspiring lovely emails.

At AlRamsa Institute, we have received many requests to develop online courses for Emirati dialect. Therefore, we have developed 11 lessons for beginner level A1 course. Students can learn spoken Emirati based on their own pace and in their own time from different parts of the world – as it is said, “teaching and learning has no borders.”

There are number of benefits when you take an online course:

Variety of Programs and Courses:
Whatever level you are in your Arabic language proficiency, you can always pick most relevant courses which suit your needs. Which means if you know just few words of Arabic or have little knowledge of the phrases, you can pick the right course and then move your way up.

Lower Total Costs:
Online programs can be a more affordable option than traditional formal education. Since there are very few overheads for the producers of the content, eventually   the students have to pay fraction of the cost as compared to the formal education settings.

Comfort is another great benefit of the online education. Learners do not need to sit for long hours in a formal setting. So you can easily access the course material from the comfort of your own place.

Since smartphones have become so affordable and “smart,” students can literally access any time of the day, any type of learning material – whether it is a video, a PDF article or a website. I have personally seen many commuters of Dubai metro who are busy in watching a video or reading some article or news while travelling.

Improvement of technical skills:
This is another great benefit of online education. Even the most basic online course requires you to create an email id or use social media logins – this results in the development of new computer skills as students learn to navigate different websites and online systems.

Contact us today to begin your journey in the Emirati Arabic learning 🙂

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