Learning Arabic for Beginners

Learning Arabic for Beginners

Learning Arabic for Beginners

I know you have been here in the UAE so many years. You may know reading and writing in Arabic language but you may not be knowing the meaning of what you are writing. Some of you have even studied in schools and universities in Dubai and other emirates but still cannot speak Arabic. Believe it or not, you are not the only one. Most people who are contacting us at Al Ramsa Institute start their conversation with same story over and over. Learning Arabic for beginners or those with basic Arabic speaking skills is a great skill when you live and work in the UAE.


It’s not your mistake if you lack Arabic speaking skills. We are here not to blame you but to tell you the truth, the truth that you already know, about the nature of Arabic language that the spoken language is different from written language. What you learn in schools and many language centers is the Modern Standard Arabic which is best version of Arabic language but unfortunately no body speaks it in social life. All the Arabs speak different dialects based on their country, city, and sometimes based on their tribes. That’s why learning dialects (regardless of which dialect you choose) it’s more practical and beneficial for you.


How I learnt Arabic

Let me share a real story with you of how I learnt Arabic – my native language.

Until the time I was 05 years old, my parents spoke to me only in Emirati language. They didn’t teach me the alphabets nor the grammar. They kept on speaking – and just speaking – until I went to school and started to learn alphabets, reading words, phrases and so on.  I fully believe that the same practical approach will help beginner learners to learn speaking Arabic language faster. This may not suit all the learners, but if your main objective is to converse with Emiratis and Arabs, then this is the most convenient way to make this happen.

Therefore I have taken up the challenge and have started to teach spoken Emirati because I believe, this will help learners to acquire as much as they can and start speaking faster than learning Modern Standard Arabic. I have followed the same approach that my parents did to me.

Feel free to share your thoughts in learning Arabic language for beginners.

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