Spoken Emirati for Business People


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This course includes practical materials of Business Emirati Arabic Initially designed for students who are already working in United Arab Emirates or planning to work there. Taking into account the topics presented and the urgent need to introduce business technologies in modern scientific, educational and industrial context, the textbook can also be applied to students of technical educational institutions (Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced).

Business Emirati Arabic will help students to activate and extend your knowledge of Emirati Arabic and gain the necessary confidence and skills to use it for your own purposes.  It encourages you to think about language creativity. There are opportunities for individual, pair and group work and private study at home.  This book includes a wide range of activities and approaches designed to appeal to different personal learning styles.

The course consists of ten units, each containing the same component sections which cover various types of activities.

Emirati Business Sample content:


  1. Self-introduction
  2. Dialogue with new employee
  3. Main vocabs at workplace
  4. Common questions at work
  5. Working in the project
  6. In a Job Interview
  7. In the meeting
  8. Common verbs
  9. Encouraging phrases
  10. Describing others
  11. Events
  12. Clarifying questions
  13. What you did in the meeting?
  14. Where did you reach in the project?
  15. Why you didn’t submit the work yet?
  16. Did you have appointment with the manager?
  17. You are ready to present the project next week?
  18. What courses do you need for work?
  19. Why hasn’t the other department submitted the work yet?
  20. Did you send them the letter?
  21. Why they rejected the project?
  22. Why should we choose you for this project?
  23. How is the market?
  24. Appreciation of the employees
  25. Rumours
  26. Dialogue: What’s wrong with you?
  27. Dialogue: the CEO
  28. Dialogue: What’s wrong man?
  29. Dialogue: I want to open a business and I want to work in it.
  30. Dialogue: Why you didn’t come to the workshop?
  31. Dialogue: Is the meeting over?
  32. Dialogue: where are this week’s agenda?
  33. Dialogue: Business trip
  34. Glossary