Spoken Emirati Arabic for Legal Professionals


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This course is suitable for law professionals who work in UAE. The UAE law is in Arabic language and it will be useful for lawyers, law students, law graduates and anyone working in legal department to know the main vocabularies, terminologies and phrases.

The course also includes Emirati Arabic content for daily life use to help learners speak legal Arabic with more confidence.

 Below is the outline of the course. Students can select lessons based on their needs.

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Lesson1 ·       Greetings ·       Numbers ·       Self- introduction       General legal   Law, legal, license, process, organization, company, firm, local government, federal government, court, non-free zone, private, semi-private
Lesson2 ·       Simple questions1 ·       Pronoun ·       Daily words Law types & licenses Commercial Law, corporate law, international law, UAE law, federal law, local law, British law, free zone law, lawyers, trade license, professional license
Lesson3 ·       Simple questions 2 ·       Prepositions ·       Daily words   Understanding contracts         Contact, law, bylaw, issued, partnership, agreement, start date, period, issue, article, chapter, definition, introduction, conclusion, objectives.
Lesson4 ·       Simple questions 3 ·       Directions ·       Negative sentences   Approvals     Signature, approval, stamp, rejected, subject, problem, dispute, terms & conditions, review, objection, NOC, MOU
Lesson 5 Revision
Lesson6   ·       Adjectives ·       Time         Contract parties Shareholders, directors, employees, shares, partners holding, capital, limited liability, resolution, registrar, delegated management, representatives, clients
Lesson7 ·       Days ·       Daily words ·       Present tense verbs(1)       Clarity of the contracts Mentioned, written, not clear, noticed, company strategy, plan, vision, mission, partners, parties, owners, ownership
Lesson8 ·       Making short phrases ·       Present tense verbs (2)       Financial terms Payment, fine, tax, fees, finance, loan, due in, renew, amendment, cancellation, profit, loss, exemption
Lesson 9 Revision
Lesson10 ·       Making legal phrases       Specific legal words   Jurisdiction, responsibility, policy system, activity, power, right, rules, criteria, official, draft 
Lesson 11       ·       Present tense verbs (3) ·       Daily phrases New law Announcement, declare, claim, updates, new law, established, establishment, decision, Applicable
Lesson 12     Revision
Lesson 13 ·       At the meeting Companies forms Joint Liability Company, Simple Commandite Company, Limited Liability Company, Public Joint Stock Company, Private Joint Stock Company.  
Lesson 14   ·       Dialogue about receiving new law   Important words in the contract Shall, may, must, any, keep, document, joining, withdrawal & general phrases  
Lesson 15 ·       Dialogue about new case for a big client       Ministries and authorities Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Education, Ministry of Foreign affairs, Ministry of International Cooperation and Development Ministry for Cabinet Affairs DED, Executive council, Sheikh office.