Spoken Emirati Session


Spoken Emirati Session

by AlRamsa Institute ,

Spoken Emirati is a very unique short program offered by Emirati native presenter.  This program goes in alignment with government initiatives to promote Arabic language. The audience will learn basic of Emirati Arabic of greetings, numbers, self- introduction and daily words in very simple and fun way. The program can be offered to group of 20-100 people.

The goals of programs are:

  • Support the National Program of Tolerance, UAE vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021.
  • Protect & promote UAE national identity and Arabic language
  • Increase awareness among expatriates about Emirati culture and history
  • Inspire expatriates to value UAE as harmonious, cohesive and peaceful global country.
  • Course duration: One day (2 Hours) ( Duration can be changed based on request)

*Starting Jan 2018 there will be additional 5% on the cost on all products due to VAT. (It applies to all language centers)