The main aims of the Al Ramsa Institute

The main aims of the Al Ramsa Institute

Our main objective is to further the understanding of the Arabic language and culture. By promoting effective learning in the areas of language, dialect and culture, we aim to help residents to fully engage with native Emirati residents. We believe that the key to social cohesion in a modern, forward-thinking UAE is a common language and value set, and that is why we offer deliver a curriculum by based on UAE context.

Serving an entire community:

Dubai, and the wider UAE, is an increasingly international community, but we believe that it is important to maintain the traditions, Emirati culture and language that makes this part of the world so unique.

The demand for classes in the Arabic language – and the Emirati dialect in particular – is growing at an astonishing rate. However, around 60 percent of the current population of 8 million in the UAE are non-Arabic speakers. We look upon this as a fantastic opportunity to create a real sense of community and belonging among all residents – wherever in the world they come from.

We believe our courses promote integration between the native and international communities of the UAE, and our role involves giving people a thorough and accurate understanding of local customs and cultures as seen through the eyes and ears of real Emiratis.

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