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AlRamsa FAQs

Do you have more branches in UAE ?

Unfortunately as of now we only have one branch in the UAE which is located in Dubai. The address is: Al Meydan St, Al Quoz 1, KML Business Center (Al Manama supermarket building), Second floor, 221. Landmark: Next to Safa School.

Do you teach Emirati Arabic reading and writing ?

No, in  Al Ramsa institute we do not teach how to read and write in Arabic. Our institute mainly focuses on the Emirati Arabic speaking and listening skills that will help you build stronger connections in the UAE.

If I know how to Read and write in Arabic (Fus’ha), will I still start the course at the beginners level ?

It is most advisable to start at the beginners level as the spoken Emirati language is very different than the written and reading language.

How long will it take to be able to fluently speak in Emirati dialect?
  • An average of 1000 hours is required to be able to fluently speak and understand the Emirati Arabic dialect. These hours consists of proper understanding, memorizing and application of the words you will learn at the institute.
  • You are not required to complete all the 1000 hours with Al Ramsa Institute. The institute will help you learn the basics of the language, but to become an expert it’s all on how much do you practice the language.
  • The institute although advises to do a minimum of 100 hours of either
  • group or private classes to help you get the base correct of the Emirati
  • Arabic language.
Does Ms Hanan AL Fardan teach all the classes at Al Ramsa Institute ?

As Ms Hanan Al Fardan is the Founder and Owner of Al Ramsa Institute, she only manages the smooth working of the Institute. She although does take up seminars where in she goes to teach corporate and private firms.

All the teachers teaching at Al Ramsa institute are all very well qualified in their teaching skills and you are sure to make the most out of the course. We also have special constructed curriculum that greatly benefit your Emirati Arabic learning journey.

Will learning the Emirati dialect help me communicate with the other Arabs ?

The Emirati Arabic dialect is very understandable amongst all the gulf countries. In UAE all the Arabs communicate in the Emirati dialect.

Other countries that speak in Arabic like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman and many more are also most likely to understand the Emirati dialect and vise versa.

A very few words may differ, but other than that Emirati Arabic will help you communicate all over the Gulf countries

What are the benefits of learning Emirati Arabic ?

As the Emirati Arabic is the national language of UAE learning it has many benefits especially if you are a student in the UAE or married to an Emirati local as this will help in strengthen your relationship. Also if you are working in the corporate firms, you won’t be able to target the Emirati clients as you will fail to strongly communicate with them. Efforts taken by expats in learning the Emirati language are very much loved and appreciated by Emirati locals.

There are more expats in the UAE than the locals, so will learning the Emirati Arabic language still benefit me ?
  • When you speak the national language of a country in spite of being an expat, it is very highly appreciated and loved in the UAE. As Nelson Mandela said: If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
  • If you wish to build better relationships in the UAE, if you wish to have more local friends, if you want UAE to feel like home than learning Emirati Arabic is the key.
  • The locals might laugh at you for the efforts you make, but laughter is what brings people closer and your efforts in learning their language will never go unnoticed.
I know how to speak in Egyptian/Lebanese/Syrian/Iraqi Arabic will I still need to start the course at the beginner’s level ?

No, you will not be at the beginners level. As many words are different in the Emirati Arabic dialect, we recommend private classes to focus more on those kinds of words. Most of the words amongst these languages are very similar, but few of them don’t match at all and so we suggest you still take up the course in order to polish on your Emirati Arabic.

For beginning the course what necessary materials do I need to buy and where are they available?

For beginning the course we recommend you to buy the Emirati phrase book and the 700 question book as both these books have an audio as well which will help you learn and understand the Emirati Arabic language better.

Do you offer courses on WhatsApp ?

Yes we do offer  courses on WhatsApp but they are only private courses. In this course you can decide on a specific time and as per the availability of the teacher the course commences. You can ask questions, understand translations and many more added advantages.

Kindly note: as this is a private course, the fee structure is the same as physically attended private course.

Do you offer live online courses ?

Yes we do offer live online courses but they are only private courses. In this course you and the teacher can decide on a specific available time and the the course commences. This course is very beneficial for students located abroad and wish to learn the Emirati Arabic language.   

Kindly note: as this is a private course, the fee structure is the same as physically attended private course.

For private learning courses can the classes be conducted at my house ?

No, as per Al Ramsa Institute policies, our teachers are not permitted to take private or group classes at home. Although Al Ramsa institute can be approached for corporate/school/university seminars briefing and teaching a few basics and added advantage of learning Emirati Arabic.

If I buy all your available Emirati Arabic books will I be able to fluently speak in Emirati Arabic ?

Our books are accurately constructed helping you to gain maximum knowledge and understand the Emirati Arabic language. We although recommend you to attend a few classes as this will help you clear out your doubts if there happen to be any. Attending courses will not only strengthen your learning journey but you will have a broader understanding of the language as the books and the course go hand in hand.

Do you have any discounts on the courses for government employees ?

Yes , we do have quite a few discounts on bank cards (Depending on which one you have) and on emirates platinum cards. We often get this question from companies who want to send in their employees for the course, so its best you inquire about the discount your available card could have before making any payments.

Do you have any discounts for Emirati Nationals ?

No, we do not have any discounts for Emirati locals as their course constructed by us are much more detailed and intricate. Our teachers put in extra efforts to teach Emirati locals as sometimes they can understand the language but cannot speak it. Our teachers undergo special training in order to conduct classes for Emirati locals.

What is better to learn first: Speaking the Emirati Arabic language or learning how to read and write the Emirati Arabic language ?

We believe in the process of learning the Emirati Arabic language and then learn to read and write. The same way how children learn languages from the time of birth till age 4. They learn to understand and speak the language first and then they approach reading and writing it. We also believe that this is the best way.

Do you have books to learn Saudi/Qatar/Kuwait dialect ?

No, Al Ramsa Institute only focuses on the Emirati Arabic dialect. Although if you speak in the Emirati Arabic dialect people all across the gulf countries will understand you. A few words may differ but other than that you can easily communicate with them.

I want to learn the Emirati Arabic language, how can I start and learn faster ?

One of the best ways to learn any language is by starting to learn the vocabulary that you can use daily. So you should ideally start with how to refer to other people, numbers, days and general greetings. You should learn how to introduce yourself, ask or give directions, being able to describe your situation if you need help or if you are happy or sad. So if you have a strong basic vocabulary  you can communicate with the others. After you are aware of the vocabulary we recommend you to learn the basic grammar like tenses, how to refer to mail or female, singular and plural. These things will help you excel in learning the Emirati Arabic language.