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These are the best-selling books for learning the basics of Emirati Arabic. This 4-book package includes our newly released vocabulary notebook! A pocket-sized 100-page notebook where you can write your newly learned Emirati Arabic word on the left side and write its meaning on the right side.

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Emirati Phrasebook:

This Emirati Phrasebook has the most common 1500 Emirati words and phrases translated into English. This book of about 120 pages gives you detailed explanations of these phrases, and pronunciations to facilitate your learning of the local dialect, and for your daily use. The Emirati Arabic Phrasebook is written by Hanan AlFardan and Abdulla AlKaabi, and is published by The Poetry Academy at the Cultural Programmes and Heritage Festivals Committee.

Sample Content: Click here to download

700 Phrases & Questions:

The Mastering Emirati Dialect – Series 1 (700 Phrases & Questions) book contains around 700 common day to day phrases and questions used regularly in the Emirati dialect.

With this book you will be more familiar with most of the conversation when working or interacting with other Emirati individuals. The book helps you understand situations better and improves on your Emirati Arabic speaking skills.

Sample Content: Click here to download

Talk to me in Emirati Arabic:

Once you have studied this book, you will have a good understanding of the most commonly used phrases at the workplace and the hospital. Talk to Me in Emirati Arabic, or “Ramisnee Emirati”, is very useful for people who are upper beginner and lower intermediate. It covers topics such as the workplace, job interviews, attending meetings, starting projects, EXPO2020, meeting new people, working at the hospital, and other daily-related issues.

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365 Emirati Arabic Phrases

Learn a new Emirati Arabic phrase each day to use in your daily life. This book is designed to help you learn one new phrase every day of the year.
You can finish this book in one sitting if you prefer but following our suggested one-phrase-per-day strategy could help you create an enduring and beneficial daily habit. The phrases are not only translated into English but also transliterated in order to give the learners a clear guide on the Emirati pronunciation. The phrases vary from mid-beginner to upper intermediate levels. This is a great source for those who prefer to have a collection of the phrases in one book for steady learning.

Sample Content: Click here to download

These audio files will help you learn how to pronounce Emirati Arabic words from the books: Emirati Phrasebook, 700 Phrases & Questions, One Phrase per Day: 365 Emirati Arabic Phrases, and Talk to Me in Emirati Arabic.

All topics from the books are included in the audio files.

Check each sample audio here:

Audio: Emirati Phrasebook

Audio: 700 Phrases & Questions

Audio: Talk to me in Emirati Arabic

Audio: One Phrase per day – 365 Emirati Arabic Phrases


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