Emirati Dialect and MSA Self Learning Videos


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The difference between Emirati dialect and Modern Standard Arabic – الفرق بين اللغة العربية الفصحى واللهجة الإماراتية

In this self-learning online course, discover the key differences between Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Emirati dialect. This course is beneficial for students who are studied MSA (Fusha) and would like to learn Emirati dialect.

There are two main differences between MSA and Emirati dialect.

  1. Pronunciation:

Emirati dialect has 30 letters while MSA is 28 letters. The difference is with two letters “g” and “ch”.


In Emirati dialect, the word: before is قبل, gabel

In MSA, the word before is : قبل  qabla


  1. Vocabulary

Emirati dialect is based on MSA but it also includes words from different languages and Classic Arabic.


In Emirati dialect, the word widow is: dreesha دريشة.

In MSA, the word window is: نافذة  nafedha.

A totally new word!

If you would like to know about the key differences , in this online course, Mrs. Hanan Al-Fardan is explaining the details with so many examples that you can’t find it anywhere else in the internet.

Accessible anytime, anywhere, our course makes learning Emirati Arabic simple and convenient. Start learning with us today and speak Emirati Arabic with confidence!”

 Lesson # Topic Duration
Lesson 1 The key differences الفروقات الأساسية 5:40
Lesson 2 Changing J to Y تغيير الحرف من الجيم إلى الياء 5:38
Lesson 3 Changing K to CH تغيير الحرف من الكاف إلى 4:21
Lesson 4 Changing Q to J & G تغيير الحرف من القاف إلى الجيم 5:16
Lesson 5 Changing A, E to Y تغيير الحرف من الألف إلى الياء 2:29
Lesson 6 Pronouns الضمائر 4:00
Lesson 7 Demonstrative Pronouns أسماء الإشارة 5:00
Lesson 8 Asking Questions الأسئلة 4:42
Lesson 9 Here and There هنا وهناك 1:16
Lesson 10 Not ليس 1:24
Lesson 11 Ownership لدي 2:44
Lesson 12 Relative Pronouns الأسماء الموصولة 2:50
Lesson 13 Future tense فعل المستقبل 3:37
Lesson 14 Past tense فعل الماضي 3:13
Lesson 15 The different way to say “how are you?” In Emirati dialect 2:03
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