Self-Learning Emirati Arabic Online Course for Beginners


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Welcome to the Self-Learning Emirati Dialect Beginner Courses A1, A2 and A3. This package includes more than 25 videos taught by Ms. Hanan AlFardan, Founder of AlRamsa Institute. Those courses focused on speaking and listening skills! This course is designed for independent learners who want to develop their ability to communicate effectively in the Emirati dialect, spoken in the United Arab Emirates.

Through practical examples, exercises, dialogues, and audio materials, you’ll immerse yourself in the language, building fluency and improving pronunciation. The videos are accessible even if you have no prior knowledge of Arabic, as clear explanations and examples guide you through each lesson. In addition, all those videos are downloadable to access your phone, tablet, or laptop or all of them!

To succeed, allocate regular practice time, using the provided exercises and audio materials. Consistency and dedication are key. By the end of these three courses, you’ll have a solid foundation in the Emirati dialect, enabling you to engage in basic conversations and confidently express preferences.

Join us on this exciting language-learning adventure and immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of the Emirati dialect!

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