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Online Course: Grammar in Emirati Arabic



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Online Course: Grammar in Emirati Arabic

Do you understand more than what you can speak in Emirati Arabic? One of the main reasons is that you are confused with the grammar and you don’t know wshat’s the different between “aseer أسير” or “ سيرseer” or even “  سيري seery”

Then, this course will make a big different in your speaking skills. You will understand how to change the verbs based on their tense from past, present, future to imperative tenses. In this online grammar course, you will have access to 17 well explained lessons by Hanan AlFardan. Those videos are one of the kind in terms of content and examples used for Emirati Arabic grammar rules. There is no detailed Emirati Arabic or gulf Arabic grammar courses available for learners. This course includes 17 lessons, Free Verbs book (180 VERBS) and free audio for (150 verbs)

The Emirati Arabic Grammar Course content:

Lesson 1: Present tense

Lesson 2: Future tense

Lesson 3: Past tense

Lesson 4: Imperative rule.1

Lesson 5: Imperative rule.2

Lesson 6: Possessive (showing ownership)

Lesson 7: When to use “not” and “don’t”

Lesson 8: How to use “for” in Emirati Arabic

Lesson 9: How to use “just” in Emirati Arabic

Lesson 10: Doer form in Emirati Arabic

Lesson 11: Was and were in Emirati Arabic

Lesson 12: Present continues

Lesson 13: Past anterior (ex: if I had known that this biscuit is yours, I wouldn’t have eaten it)

Lesson 14: Past participle (eaten, taken..etc)

Lesson 15: Negative imperative tense

Lesson 16: the connector “that”

Lesson 17: Common mistakes with using (before, after, until, first)