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Here at Al Ramsa institute our team of excellent teachers is always brainstorming to create new innovative methods to help you learn and understand Emirati Arabic even better. With that said we are more than delighted to introduce our programme ‘FANNAN’ to you. Its the worlds first programme which will provide with English subtitles as well as Arabizy subtitles for already existing Emirati Arabic videos helping you to understand the language better.

By now you must be already goggling what the term Arabizy stands for. It is the term created by our institute which combines of two words: Arabic and English.

The Arabizy subtitles will be subtitles that will help you understand the Emirati accent. The words will be broken down for you to get a better adaptation of the Emirati Arabic video.

The programme Fannan is very close to our heart for we truly believe the power it holds in order to help you improve your Emirati Arabic. The term Fannan itself means artist or outstanding. We have named this programme Fannan for we truly want you to be outstanding in your journey of learning and exploring the essence of Emirati Arabic.

Sample video:


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